Darware was homegrown. In the little town known as Corbin in the great state of Kentucky, USA. Our mission is simple. We want to provide the everyday kitchen consumer a variety of quality products at a surprisingly low price. We want our customer's jaws to drop. ...and then turn into a long-lasting smile.


Even though it is early in 2018, it has been a very busy year for Darware. As we are experiencing explosive growth, we have many plans for new product launches. Late last year we introduced the Darware Kitchen Club, a member's only club where you will receive frequent discounts and exclusive deals so be sure to sign up for that!

"Our goal is to create a variety of products that can be used and afforded by the everyday consumer. The Darware brand has always striven for low prices without compromising quality. We hope to create a positive relationship with each of our customers and be an everlasting name in their kitchens."

Margaret West

Founding Partner

is homemade.


302 American Greeting Card Rd.

Corbin, KY 40701

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